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We have a lot to gain from the perspectives of youth. When we really listen and be curious, we gain new perspectives and insights on how to work and learn alongside each other. In this way, we empower youth for a better tomorrow.

Last year at The Circle Education we brought ten young people together to develop a podcast that spoke to adults about youth culture and experience. This is Juvenoia (defined as “the fear one generation of adults holds towards the younger generations succeeding them”). Enjoy now on either Spotify or Apple Podcast.

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Episode 1:  Youth Perceptions of Social Media and Mental Health

In this episode, Maggie and Sasha unpack the perception that youth are overly influenced by social media, and explore the relationship between social media and youth mental health.

Other Episodes

Episode 2:  Perceptions of Climate Change and its impact on Youth

Maggie, Sasha and Bells explore the impacts of growing up within a climate change culture and the effect it has on their sense of agency.

Episode 3:  Youth Perceptions on Belief Systems

Emma and Mischa explore the origins of their beliefs systems and the principles that help them to interpret their everyday reality.

Episode 4:  Our Perceptions on Identity; How it Changes and Develops

Bells and Mischa explore the ebb and flow of identity and how it is defined by both internal and external factors.

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