Our Local Programs

Local Programs

In fulfillment of its mission, The Circle Education offers in-class social-emotional programming to children and youth in grades 3-8. This programming is in partnership with School District 64 as well NIDES (North Island Distance Education School), and local independent schools and homeschoolers.

The Circle Education also offers after-school programming, including its year-round Pass It On program as well as camps and workshops during the breaks.

The Circle Education engages in public outreach opportunities and collaborates across sectors in discussions and initiatives that address the health and well-being of local youth.

The Empathy Project

provides students in Grades 3 to 5 with the building blocks of social-emotional learning, to help them understand the value of their own stories and the stories around them.

By helping students see the world through this lens, the Empathy Project aims to start students down the path of pursuing respectful and healthy relationships for the long-term benefit of themselves and their communities.


The Respect Project

is an in-school program for Grades 6, 7, and 8 designed to offer students the opportunity to get to know one another better and learn about the foundational role respect plays in their lives.

The goal for participating students is to understand and experience healthy and respectful relationships, to become more aware of their identity, feelings and biases and to develop verbal, non-verbal, and online communication skills and strategies to support respectful relationships.

Pass it On (PIO)

is an after-school cross-peer group mentorship program that supports self-awareness and healthy relationships by creating a safe and trusted space for sharing, learning, and practicing of important skills. Meeting weekly, sharing, and supporting others has a significant impact on all program participants.

The Circle offers two separate programs, one for boys (Grade 8 and up) and one for girls (Grade 10 and up). All our programs are safe, non-judgmental, and welcoming. Participants are encouraged to self-select based on their gender identity and gender expression.

girls at table

Methods and Tools for Deeper Connections with Youth

is a course offered face-face or online for educators, allied professionals and people interested in working with youth. We believe that building relationships and a foundation of trust with children and youth is essential. Our techniques are relatable, thoughtful, accessible and authentic. Our approach helps kids feel confident and heard.

Participants learn how to explore ‘heavy topics’ with a playful tone and give youth the skills they need to develop their insight around these topics. Participants gain knowledge and practice with the signature facilitation tools and techniques we use in our youth programs.

The Circle Education also offers customized training/professional development as well as support with youth-focussed curriculum development.

Community Events and Awareness

In support of our vision towards gender-equitable communities living violence free, The Circle Educations co-hosts two events in partnership with Islanders Working Against Violence (IWAV). To acknowledge the National Day of Remembrance Action on Violence Against Women, our two organizations hold a yearly community vigil to remember the 14 women killed in Montreal on December 6th, 1989.

On March 8, The Circle Education and IWAV celebrate International Women’s Day with a community event. This past year, The Circle Education initiated a podcast series for youth by youth to give voice to the different realities and issues faced by young people living in rural communities.

International Womens Day Event
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