Our Impact

Since 1996,

The Circle, formerly called SWOVA, has touched thousands of young lives, empowered educators and community leaders with skills and strategies to guide a spectrum of development. We’ve worked to develop youth so that they are equipped with the language and confidence to become mentors themselves for the next generation.

There is nothing more powerful than the iterative experience of growing and learning with a generation of young people.

Be part of The Circle’s ongoing story of excellence and impact.

Our Youth Participants

in The Circle’s Pass-It-On program

“I think that it just helps me learn to be a better person. It’s a time – after a whole school day of putting up a front – to sit in a group of people and kind of peel off the masks and actually just have a genuine conversation without any sort of filter or agenda behind it. It’s super special to me because I get to connect.” -Youth Participant in The Circle’s Pass-It-On program

This video was made in 2018 and directed, filmed and edited solely by Pass-It-On mentors. In it, mentors and a Grade 8 student speak to what is meaningful to them about Pass It On. We hope you enjoy it!

"When visitors ask us ‘what makes your school so peaceful by nature?’ the youth often tell us that the R+R program has made a big difference in their ability to live and work respectfully with one another in our island and in our school.”


Kelda LoganVice Principal, Gulf Islands Secondary School
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