Evaluation Reports

SWOVA 2018 Annual Report - Community Development & Research Society
Pass It On: Girls Evaluation Report 2016/17
Peace Kids Evaluation Report 2016/17
Pass It On Evaluation Report 2015/16
Peace Kids Evaluation Report 2015/16
R+R Evaluation Report 2014/15
R+R Evaluation Report 2013/14
Salish Sea Girl’s Leadership Evaluation Report 2013/14
Peace Kids Evaluation Report 2013/14
R+R Evaluation Report 2012/13
Pass It On Evaluation Report 2012/13
R+R Evaluation Report, 2011-2012
Sexual Health Fair Evaluation Report, 2012
Aboriginal R+R Report 2011
Pass It On Evaluation Report, 2011-2012
R+R Evaluation Report, 2010-2011
Pass It on Evaluation Report, 2010-2011
Sexual Health Fair Evaluation Report 2011
Pass It On Evaluation Report, 2008-2009
Pass It On Mentoring Evaluation Report, August 2009
Pass It On Mentor Training Retreat Feedback, April 2009
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