6 Resolutions for 2023 that Benefit You and Your Loved Ones

January 3, 2023

Did you make new year’s resolutions for 2023? Most new year’s resolutions are meant to improve your life or lifestyle. These resolutions, based on the social-emotional learning principles that ground the programs we facilitate in schools, are less conventional. And the great thing is, most of them do not only benefit you but also your friends and loved ones.

Respect your boundaries

It is not always easy to talk about what you want and what you don’t want. Sometimes it is hard to say no to people, especially the ones you like. The truth is, being kind and considerate doesn’t always mean saying ‘yes’. Being honest in a way that has considered everyone’s needs, including your own, is being kind and sometimes it means saying no.

Let go of assumptions

We make assumptions all the time about people we meet and the people we already know. These assumptions can be about who we believe they are and what we assume they think and feel. Empathy is a key ingredient in letting go of our assumptions and judgement of others. When we reflect on the experience of others and imagine it for ourselves, we may be better able to understand the impact assumptions have on people.

Embrace diversity

Our Pass it On groups are always made up of a diverse group of youth. When we are able to sit in circle with those whom we feel so different from, over time, we can develop trust, connection and a true sense of humanity. Seeing who others truly are, we can realize the true commonality between us all. Through the acceptance of others, we learn how to accept ourselves.

Be mindful

A simple tool to address anxiety and stress, something we can use where ever we are, is being mindful. Being mindful is about bringing yourself to the exact place and time you are in. Not the future and not the past. When we practice mindfulness, we accept ourselves as we are in this moment. When we are stressed or anxious, we can calm ourselves by being in the moment. Our breath is constant, and using a breathing technique (like this one) is a reliable action we can focus on to help ourselves relax.

Focus on what makes you beautiful

How do you see yourself? Do you define yourself by physical beauty or do you focus on what really makes you beautiful? When we think about people we love, even those we’re attracted to, the things that make them beautiful usually have to do with internal traits, qualities and abilities.

Give yourself a break

Self-compassion means giving yourself a break, ignoring negative thoughts and comparisons, recognizing your successes, and being your awesome authentic self. Negative thoughts come to everyone, so practice self-compassion by noticing the thought and choosing to let it slip out of your mind. When we can let go of our doubts and spend less time thinking about how we compare to others, we can build self-acceptance and have more fun!  

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