Call for Purses, Satchels, and Handbags!

February 11, 2021

Purses with a Purpose, Satchels with a Story

Do you like to buy high quality purses, satchels, and bags?

Do you have any brand name purses, satchels, or bags that you no longer use?

Do you like to support charity?


If you answered yes to any of these, then this event is for you!

In April, we’re hosting an online purse and satchel auction to raise funds! And we’re excited by the response we’ve had since launching our call for purses, satchels, and handbags two days ago!


For example, we’ve received purses from Osisi Boutique, Pod Contemporary, Twang and Pearl, Mouat’s Clothing; and a purse that is a work of art from Moriah Boone, former owner of Frankly Scarlet. So far, we’ve received “satchel stuffers” from Soma Studios, ArtSpringOMG, Cedar Mountain Studios, and Apple Photo, and we’re looking for more. Your business will receive many promotional efforts as we advertise this event! A special thanks to John at Shepherd Shoes for helping us make slightly used purses look new again!


We also received a donated authentic Prada purse with an incredible story inside:

This bag was a gift to my daughter from her employer, a wealthy business woman in Milano. My daughter worked as an au pair for her, teaching English to their 4-year-old daughter during her gap year between high school and university. It was a year that shaped her life and made her the woman she is today.


If You’re An Individual:

  • you can donate your gently used, previously loved brand name, high quality purses and satchels to us to help us raise money via an online auction
  • inside your purse, put your purse’s story if there is one or or the name of the artist/designer. We’ll include the story with the bag during the auction (e.g., hardly used, bought from artisan in a small leather shop in the Campo de Fiori in Rome. I was with my girlfriend when she bought it)
  • for purses that we decide not to auction off (depending on condition or quality) or that aren’t sold in the auction, we’ll donate to a thrift store.

If You’re A Business:

  • you can donate a brand new purse or satchel OR
  • you can sponsor a purse or satchel by donating “satchel stuffers” — small goodies that will be placed inside a purse or satchel to fetch higher bids and make bidding more exciting for bidders! (For example, a gift card to a café, restaurant, spa or nail salon, local shop, etc.)
  • our online auction will highlight the businesses that get involved, as will the auction “teasers” on social media before the auction

How to Donate

Drop off at The Circle’s office (344 Lower Ganges Rd.) 10am to 12pm Tuesdays & Thursdays
Email Andrea to make other arrangements if you cannot drop it off: aglittle[at]shaw[dot]ca

Why Support This Fundraiser?

This important online event will help us raise the critically needed funds to support our mission. Our vision at The Circle (formerly SWOVA) is to foster healthy relationships in order to promote communities free of violence, bullying, discrimination, assault and abuse.

We do this by delivering innovative, evidence-based social-emotional educational programs for children, youth and adults and inspiring and training others to deliver our programs.

This event will also help us continue to raise awareness about the ongoing need to address violence in pro-active and preventative ways.

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