Be More Than A Bystander

January 26, 2021

What does the BC Lions Football Club have to do with gender-based violence?

The BC Lions Football Club and the Ending Violence Association of British Columbia (EVA BC) created the “Be More Than A Bystander” program. It’s a groundbreaking initiative aimed at increasing understanding about gender-based violence and its impacts.

Together, they visit students in Grades 8 through 12 throughout the province to present this program to them. We’re thrilled to partner with them and with the Gulf Islands Secondary School to bring their “virtual” presentation to Salt Spring high school students.

The program breaks the silence surrounding gender-based violence by providing tools, language, and practical ideas about how to be more than a bystander, how to speak up, and how to communicate that violence and abuse is not acceptable.

Be More Than A Bystander also focuses on the importance of creating a safe environment in the school for young men and women, what it means to be more than a bystander, and how students can initiate change.

Because our mission here at The Circle is to foster healthy relationships in order to promote communities free of violence, bullying, discrimination, assault, and abuse, it was a natural fit to collaborate with the BC Lions to bring their program to Salt Spring.

As with Be More Than A Bystander, our approach is violence prevention. We deliver innovative, evidence-based social-emotional educational programs for children, youth, and adults. By working with School District 64 and other communities, we offer youth programs that encourage young people to challenge assumptions and learn skills that foster healthy, equal relationships.

The Be More Than A Bystander program is an excellent extension of our programming, and we’re looking forward to their virtual presentation here in late February.

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