Young Women’s Leadership Program Starting in the Southern Gulf Islands – By Andria Scanlan

March 6, 2013


Despite advances over the years, girls in Canada face pressures today, both new and old, that limit their potential.  The barriers that young women face translate into startling gender disparities.

– Men outnumber women 4 to 1 among Canada’s elected representatives

– Only 4% of CEOs in Canada’s top 500 companies are women.

– 2/3 of minimum wage workers are women.

SWOVA has created an exciting new project, funded by Status of Women Canada, that will help girls and young women build leadership capacity.  The leadership program will bring together a group of young women who share a desire to make a difference in their world and want to act individually and with others to bring about positive change.  We will help those girls build on the skills they already possess as well as develop new ones and harness the power of young women and girls.


Facilitator Andria Scanlan will assist the group to conduct a local needs assessment identifying specific barriers that stand in the way of reaching young women’s full potential.  A line-up of experts and speakers will assist the group to examine concepts and skill areas.  Topics will include; social activism, feminism, self awareness, gender inequities, leadership styles, and partnership building.

Not surprisingly, examples from around the world and North America show us that when girls receive the support they need, an incredible ripple effect is created.  They grow up courageous, they improve their own socio-economic situation and that of their communities.  They help build a stronger economy, environment and society for all.

This youth led program will run through Fall 2014 and is aiming to recruit young women from the Southern Gulf Islands to be on the advisory committee. If you are interested in participating in the project, are between 15 – 24, grew up mostly in the gulf islands and have 6 to 8 hours per month to dedicate, please contact Andria: andria@swova.org or phone 250 537-1336








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