SparkFest: A night of celebration – by Chris Gay

May 1, 2012

Kate Maurice, the Mentor Supervisor for the Pass It On female teen mentorship program, held us intimately and passionately in a circle of gratitude during an evening of entertainment on Sunday April 29th at the Harbour House Hotel. The event was a fundraiser for the Pass It On program as well as SWOVA and it sparked a love fest of appreciation for the female mentors in our lives. Sparkfest was created by Kate as a way to celebrate the women in our community and to honour their talents by showcasing a variety of artistic contributions women make on a daily basis on Salt Spring Island.

Sparkfest was an amazingly brilliant success! All of those who attended – THANK YOU! All of those who performed – THANK YOU! All of you who sponsored – THANK YOU! All of you who organized and planned – THANK YOU!

First and foremost HUGE bouquets of love and hugs to Kate Maurice and James Cowan for all their organizing and planning and of course to all the mentors of Pass It On and friends who chipped in and helped out at a moments notice.

The official sponsors made this event possible and they are Harbour House Hotel, People Powered Productions, Living Water Media, Barnyard Grafix, and SWOVA – we are eternally grateful for your support. In addition, all the businesses that donated to the silent auction – THANK YOU!

And finally overwhelming thanks and appreciation to the many Salt Spring Island female artists that simply blew us away – Billie Woods, Naomi Jason, Phoenix Lazare, Ahava Shira, Barbara Slater, Tara, and international recording artists from Vancouver, Hey Ocean!

To quote the prophetic words of Tara, it was a night of “openness, courage, focus, and gratitude.” Simply put, it was a night to remember. We can hardly wait until next year.

By Chris Gay – Pass It On Coordinator



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