It’s Like Being Matched with Themself at That Age

March 8, 2011

As Pass It On Phase II is being implemented across the province, young middle school girls are meeting up with their high school mentors.  When asked to respond to 3 questions, 2 mentor supervisors from our most Northern communities involved in the project and 1 from Salt Spring Island responded with the following:

1. What is one thing that surprised you about a match between a mentor and mentee?

The matches naturally made themselves. The mentors and the mentees basically had the same requests for pairings.

Everyone had a clear choice of whom they meshed with and it was fairly easy to match. Some of the mentors have said it is like being matched with themself at that age.

It was difficult for the girls to find the confidence to call their mentee the first time. It really is a huge practice of meeting and connecting with strangers and the resulting  generosity and friendship towards strangers.

2. What is one common concern that arises from the mentors?

Most mentors are unsure of what activities to do with their mentee. I think once they realize that they just have to spend time together in a natural way it will be fine.

Currently their timelines and other commitments like work are a challenge.

It’s hard for them to accept that it may just be an opportunity to meet and spend time with someone outside of their friend circle.

3. What is one creative way mentors and mentees are spending time together?

They have just begun, but one mentor/mentee spent 4 hours together on a Sunday! Next Tuesday the mentors will be taking the mentees on a tour of the high school “girl style” – the best lockers, teachers, washrooms, etc.

One mentor took her mentee up to a local mountain and then had her buddy answer some heartfelt questions. They then put the answers into a time capsule, which they will open together later.

With thanks to Jennifer Quam from McBride, Val Jordan from Prince George,
and Kate Maurice from Salt Spring Island for shepherding along the project
in their communities.

Chris Gay – (Pass It On Coordinator)

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