Untitled by David Norget

October 28, 2015

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We often hear talk of a

world of war, of destruction

of poverty, of violence, of famine,

of racism, of sexism, or other ‘isms

population explosion, resource depletion

a world where animals

are dying and not coming back

of environmental depletion, of starvation,

of disease, of us and them,

of that group not listening to that group

IF only men would do this

IF only women would do that,

IF only they would do this,

You NEED to do that

You SHOULD do this.


I don’t know about you

but I sometimes feel

lost in it all.

…Like I’m yelling and nobody’s listening

Like I’m yelling to the world

at the end of a broad valley

far away from all people

and nobody even hears me

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Like I’m feeling lots

but sometimes it feels like too much…

Like if I stop feeling, it would be

like giving up…

Like if I give up

I would feel worse..

because then I AM alone..

and have lost “ME.”


Do you feel this way?

[Do me a favour and raise your arm a little

or nod, or smile if you can relate]


How does one respond?

How do WE make sense of it all?

Maybe it IS all senseless.

Have you thought of this?

Does it make sense to make sense…

of the senseless?

Maybe what we accept as actual

is sick beyond scale

That there are conversations

to be convened…

to talk about what’s occurring.

Who’s willing to call forth these conversations?


For instance…

Is it simply me or is there a sickness

of addiction, or greed around dollars

and power?

That those with great means or MORE

are seen as better?

That those who make vast dollars

and contribute to the “ECONOMY”

are great people

and deserving of their station?

That we give status those who are stealing

in all nations?


I ask…

how is it great to do so

while calling forth strife…

of people, of the environment,

of communities – of LIFE?

How do we allow this?

These costs are not included

in the price we pay.

They are like hidden ghosts

moaning discontent

like skulls being scuttled aside

birds no longer heard

water no longer clean

like souls lost in the in-between


I see the sacred cow before us

that if not discussed

poise us for pain

pain producing more pain.


It is a vicious cycle

riding us into oblivion

an escape into experiential madness

unhappiness unending

dreams discarded

Is there any misunderstanding

that there is so much escape,

so much addiction, hope tossed around

like someone’s toy

rather than the

precious object it is.


Are you still with me?


Do you feel the unhappiness, the pain,

the grief, that I feel?

I see it like a vast

amount of fuel

ready to light

the fire of passion

and possibility.

Do you also see?

I haven’t lost hope.


Will you stay with me just

a little bit longer?


What is the antidote?

Your passion…Your care…Your love.


I am asking you to

have the courage

to acknowledge your feelings

state your truth

be yourself

follow your heart and

what you believe in

Take a risk.

Entertain the pain

AND the joy

that is humanity

and the human experience.


I actually believe in people

though my belief has been be-lied.

That there are those inspiring and instigating

a world of positive potential and possibility.

Or at least trying.

They haven’t given up.


There are models that support

values of care, of community,

of conserving our planet.

We CAN currently feed everyone on the planet.

We choose not to by our acceptance

of current “this-is-the-way-it-is” complacency

Would you let your friend starve to death

beside you?


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So I say to you…

It is ok not to know

It is ok to feel how you feel

though at times tough to tackle.

Your worth is not at question here,

(you are inherently worthy).

Your worth is NOT at question here,

you are inherently worthy.

I am questioning though

what you want for our world


Listening, I hear my own voice.

Listening, I am deeply committed

to hearing yours.


David Norget – R+R Facilitator, Counselor


Photographs by: Megan Manning

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