The Circle Education


The Circle Education Society fosters healthy relationships to promote communities free of violence, bullying, discrimination, assault and abuse.


The Circle Education does this by delivering innovative, evidence-based, social-emotional educational programs for children, youth and adults, and by inspiring and training others to deliver our programs.

Now more than ever, we need …

… children and youth who can speak up and stand out without fear
… empowered youth who can make change for a brighter, safer tomorrow
… safe spaces to engage with each other with openness and humility
… inclusive and violence-free communities where we are all welcome to be ourselves

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What is new at The Circle Education?

The Circle Education Podcast Series

 We have a lot to gain from the perspectives of youth. When we really listen and be curious, we gain new perspectives and insights on how to work and learn alongside each other. In this way, we empower youth for a better tomorrow.

Last year at The Circle Education we brought ten young people together to develop a podcast that spoke to adults about youth culture and experience. This is Juvenoia (defined as “the fear one generation of adults holds towards the younger generations succeeding them”). Enjoy now on either Spotify or Apple Podcast.

Episode 1:

Youth Perceptions of Social Media and Mental Health


In this episode, Maggie and Sasha unpack the perception that youth are overly influenced by social media, and explore the relationship between social media and youth mental health.

Find more episodes on our Podcast Page!

Cultural Diversity Dialogues Series

In honour of World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development on May 21st, The Circle Education, talks with young people to celebrate different backgrounds.

A series of interviews will be published here and in the Driftwood throughout May and the beginning of June, accompanied by three blogs that fit within the theme.

Through our youth, we hope to offer a look at the world from different perspectives. In this way, we begin to open up horizons, providing our societies with connection and making them more inclusive.

Interview 1:

Welch Siblings See Multicultural Background as a Bonus


Keshua, Levi and Zyah Welch have a Grenadian dad and a Canadian mom with Dutch roots. They had a Canadian upbringing on Salt Spring Island, with the Grenadian humour of their dad and a touch of Dutch from their great-grandparents.

Read more interviews on our Cultural Diversity Dialogues Page

Our Commitment to Local Community

In fulfillment of its mission, The Circle Education offers in-class social-emotional programming to children and youth in grades 3-8. This programming is in partnership with School District 64 as well NIDES (North Island Distance Education School), and local independent schools and homeschoolers.

The Circle Education also offers after-school programming, including its year-round Pass It On program as well as camps and workshops during the breaks.

The Circle Education engages in public outreach opportunities and collaborates across sectors in discussions and initiatives that address the health and well-being of local youth.

Our Commitment to Global Community

We offer online versions of our in-class programs. These are courses that support social-emotional outcomes and can be delivered by teachers and home-school parents on demand and at their own pace.

We also provide professional development and facilitator training. These offerings support teachers wanting to renew/enhance their skills as well as others interested in learning fun and effective methods and tools for engaging with young people and creating safe, caring and respectful spaces.

Interested in customized programming and/or curriculum development? We can help too! Contact us at info@thecircleeducation.org

The Circle Values

The Circle Salt Spring Education Society envisions inclusive and gender-equitable communities living violence-free.


To treat each other with consideration and dignity, fostering self-respect and respect for others.


To speak, act, and advocate for what is right, working for social justice and persevering against social injustice.


To include different voices and perspectives with an understanding and appreciation for all.


To seek opportunities for collaboration and effective partnerships that foster caring and belonging in communities.


To be flexible and responsive in addressing the unique and changing needs of the communities we serve.