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Juvenoia Podcast

Last year at The Circle Education we brought ten young people together to develop a podcast that spoke to adults about youth culture and experience. This is Juvenoia (defined as “the fear one generation of adults holds towards the younger generations succeeding them”).

Episode 1:  Youth Perceptions of Social Media and Mental Health

In this episode, Maggie and Sasha unpack the perception that youth are overly influenced by social media, and explore the relationship between social media and youth mental health.

Parent Podcast

In the Spring of 2022, The Circle Education invited an assortment of parents and grandparents to come together to share their unique experiences of parenthood. Every week, we delved into themes to explore how we each have navigated the challenges and successes that arise on this journey.

Episode 1: Building Relationships
with our Children

What does it look and feel like to be truly connected with our children? We dive into our personal successes and challenges building connection within our families. Listen to learn more about the tools we can use to foster deeper relationships.

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