Juvenoia Podcast Offers Youth Perspectives on Important Topics

April 22, 2022

The Circle Education is excited to launch a podcast series created by youth, for both youth and adults who are interested in hearing what young rural islanders have to say about the different realities and issues that are of interest to them. The name of the podcast series is Juvenoia, defined as, “the fear one generation of adults holds towards the younger generations succeeding them”.

“We thought long and hard about a name for the podcast,” says Maggie Naphtali, a Grade 11 student at the Gulf Islands Secondary School and one of the podcast makers. “I think Mischa Emiliano came up with the name and I think it is a great fit. In our podcast series, we want to address and dismantle the misconceptions that older generations sometimes have towards youth. We share our opinions and let other generations know what we think; to show them that we have similar values, but each with our own perspectives.”

The Juvenoia podcast, which will be launched on April 21st, contains four episodes. The topics were chosen by the youth and facilitated by Kate Nash, programs manager at The Circle Education. In each episode, the podcast hosts discuss one topic and interview a member of the community. Naphtali: “We thought it would be interesting to talk with different people as a bridge to see how we relate to other generations.”

Naphtali was involved with two of the four episodes: Climate Change & Environment and Mental Health & Social Media. “Although I am very passionate about the climate change topic, my favourite episode was the Mental Health one. We heavily planned all the recordings, but in this episode, new and interesting ideas and insights came up while we were recording. For example, that it is important to be aware of your feelings, positive and negative. To validate them and accept them so you can use a coping mechanism; to give yourself what you need at that point to support your mental health.”

Kate Nash, programs manager with The Circle Education, is proud of what the young podcast makers have achieved.  “We have a lot to gain from the perspectives of youth. When we really listen and wonder, we gain new insights and perspectives on how to work and learn alongside them.  In this way, we can empower youth for a better tomorrow.”

 “What I love about this project is that it takes our work one step further by putting youth in the driver’s seat and having them use their skills and abilities to create and lead something of their very own that speaks to how they feel and think,” says Janine Fernandes-Hayden, Executive Director at The Circle Education. “The nature of the discussions and dialogues in the podcasts offers a window into the depth and tone of conversations that our youth have as they sit in a circle in our programs.”

The Circle Education – which delivers innovative evidence-based social-emotional programs to School District 64 and online to other communities – received community initiatives funding through the BC Responsible and Problem Gambling Program to produce the podcast series.

The Circle Education is also grateful for the support from Gulf Islands Community Radio Society. “We were delighted to join with The Circle Education on this very worthwhile project and were happy to work over several weeks with the youth on recording and editing their comments,” said Damian Inwood, president of Gulf Islands Community Radio Society. “This project is part of our goal of training and mentoring young people on Salt Spring Island in gaining broadcasting skills.”

The four episodes of Juvenoia will be available through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, The Circle Education website, Island Radio, and on Friday April 29th at 9 am on https://gicrs.airtime.pro right after “Great Scott” with Scott Merrick.

Listen to Juvenoia here

Episode 1:  Youth Perceptions of Social Media and Mental Health

In this episode, Maggie and Sasha unpack the perception that youth are overly influenced by social media, and explore the relationship between social media and youth mental health. Community guest: Indigo Lainas.

Episode 2:  Perceptions of Climate Change and its impact on Youth

Maggie, Sasha and Bells explore the impacts of growing up within a climate change culture and the effect it has on their sense of agency. Community guest: Kumi Nash.

Episode 3:  Youth Perceptions on Belief Systems

Emma and Mischa explore the origins of their beliefs systems and the principles that help them to interpret their everyday reality. Community guest: Dave Phillips.

Episode 4:  Our Perceptions on Identity; How it Changes and Develops

Bells and Mischa explore the ebb and flow of identity and how it is defined by both internal and external factors.  Community guest: Niko Weis.

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