We’re Rebranding!

December 12, 2019

SWOVA is rebranding! Since 1996, our organization’s full name has been “SWOVA Community Development and Research Society.” We continue firmly rooted in the original purposes reflected in our 1996 Constitution, but in mid-2020, we hope to announce a new name for our organization.

For more than a year we have worked behind the scenes to renew our mission and vision statements, clarify our core values and develop a strategic plan for our future. After almost a quarter of a century of service to the Gulf Islands and communities beyond, the people of SWOVA—employees, facilitators and board members—are engaged in renewing our programs and operations to serve a new generation of students and educators. Honouring our past, we look forward to future effectiveness and expansion.

We hope you, our Members and Friends, will support our efforts by:

  • attending a General Meeting next spring to consider a special resolution changing the name of our society
  • voting on the special resolution if you’re a voting Member of our society
  • getting updates by checking our new website and its blog
  • following us on Facebook and Instagram and in the news
  • sharing our programs and impacts with others

We know your interest in SWOVA reflects your own passion for creating healthy, gender-equitable, and violence-free communities. We are always glad to receive your emails. Interested in volunteering? Please do let us know; opportunities are available!

Thank you for your interest and support.

‘Pass It On helped me to grow stronger friendships’

‘Pass It On helped me to grow stronger friendships’

Adele Mark, our Marketing and Communications Assistant at The Circle and former Pass It on Girl, spoke with Emma Phillips to hear about her experiences the past five years in the Pass It On Girls program. Emma has been a part of the Pass It On Girls program since...

Consent from the Start

Consent from the Start

I have advocated for consent for over a decade, but if I am going to be honest, I only began to practise consent within the last three years. I am not talking about sexual consent. However, I am going to assume that when I said “consent,” you thought I meant “sexual...

Top 6 Benefits of Social–Emotional Learning in the Classroom

Top 6 Benefits of Social–Emotional Learning in the Classroom

COVID-19 Impact on Social–Emotional Learning The COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected students’ academic performance, but it has also significantly impacted their social–emotional learning. Research shows that students are experiencing an increased lack of...

Power of Connection in Facing Challenge

Power of Connection in Facing Challenge

I recently heard about a fascinating study in which researchers were investigating human perception of challenge. One of their findings was that when a person stands at the base of a hill that they are about to climb, they perceive the hill to be 10 to 20% larger than...

Pass It On Boys has Two New Facilitators

We welcome to Alex and Albert to our facilitation team! We're thrilled to have Alex King-Harris and Albert Strasser join the team of facilitators here at The Circle. Each of them brings an incredible skill set to their work in the Pass It On Boys program, for boys...

Lobstick Foundation Supports Pass-It-On Girls!

We are delighted to announce that #Lobstick Foundation has contributed $6,000 towards the Pass it On Girls Program! Our sincere gratitude to Lobstick for their generous support of the Pass It On Girls #MentorshipProgram.  In this program, high school young women...

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