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February 3, 2016







Orchids – Phoebe Hart, 2010
This award winning documentary traces Phoebe’s voyage of self-discovery across Australia as an intersex person, a group of conditions formerly termed hermaphroditism. Learning only in her teens that she was born with 46XY (male) chromosomes, Hart now seeks to understand her own story and stories of others affected by this complex and often shameful syndrome.

The Gender Project – Helen De Michiel, 2005
A portrait of five extraordinary young women attending Ohio State University who take up the challenge to succeed in fields which are now only reluctantly accepting women.



Turbo Chicks, Talking Young Feminisms – Edited by: A. Mitchell; L. Bryn Rundle; L. Karaian, 2001
A collection of essays exploring youth, feminism, sexuality, eyelash curlers, media, and more. Here are some quotes:

“There’s no hope for change if we’re too busy hating each other.” (Megan Rivers-Moore)

“Despite the fact that all my friends in school were able-minded intelligent creatures with opinions… and goals, around men/boys, these fabulous women turned into what I can only describe as mindless, butt-sucking flakes.” (Mariko Tamaki)



What Do You Really Want?  – Beverly Bachel,  2001
Success Express for Teens – Roger Leslie, 2004
Darling, You Can’t Do Both: and other noise to ignore on your way up – Janet Kestin & Nancy Vonk, 2014

You’re a teenager, graduating from High School and entering the world… What do you do now? For must of us in Canada the options are many but you have probably spent 17 years being told what to do.  So now, how do you make your own choices? The pressures on HS Graduates to pick their career for life is intense. However, skills for choosing are not given a lot of screen time in our schools and so you might feel the pressure to fit yourself into this box or that one. I wish I’d had some of these resources to help me. Not only to help me decide what I wanted to do, but also to be able to create and trust my own journey.  These books are stuffed full of useful information, exercises, and personal stories.

“Everyday you’re bombarded with hundreds of messages telling you what you should want and who you should be. Family, friends, teachers, magazines, TV, radio, the Internet, and billboards give you plenty of “advice”. Do this. Say that. Be this. Want that. Many people go through life listening too closely to these messages. It’s easy to forget that the most meaningful dreams and wishes don’t come from outside sources – they come from within you.”   (What Do You Really Want?)


By Megan Manning-Burton – Librarian/Editor

From L.A. to a Rural Island: Social-Emotional Learning insights

From L.A. to a Rural Island: Social-Emotional Learning insights

When Adele Mark was fifteen, she moved with her parents from Los Angeles, a city of 13 million people where she had lived all of her life, to Salt Spring Island, Canada. A place she thought of at the time as a remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with more...

“I Can Be my True Self Here”

“I Can Be my True Self Here”

Do you want to know what our Pass it On Boys program is all about? Participants of last year’s program tell in this video about what Pass it On Boys did for them. “I am able to express myself here, where I can’t always at school or at home,” says Liam Walsh. “I can be...

The Circle’s Leaders in Social Change Bursary’ awardees

The Circle’s Leaders in Social Change Bursary’ awardees

Every year The Circle awards a bursary of $250 each, to one male and one female student who have participated in The Circle’s Pass-It-On Program as a mentor and have demonstrated a strong commitment to leadership and fostering healthy relationships. This years'...

‘Pass It On helped me to grow stronger friendships’

‘Pass It On helped me to grow stronger friendships’

Adele Mark, our Marketing and Communications Assistant at The Circle and former Pass It on Girl, spoke with Emma Phillips to hear about her experiences the past five years in the Pass It On Girls program. Emma has been a part of the Pass It On Girls program since...