Moments That Inspire

February 22, 2011

Youth mentors involved in the Pass It On project are an inspired group. They are finding ways to spend time with their mentees/buddies that are both creative and practical.  Here are some of their ideas:-

  • Go to the library and look for a book to engage each other’s passion in art
  • Make a dinner together at each other’s houses, while getting to know each other’s families
  • Invite your buddy to your school during tutorial block so they can spend some time in the high school and get to know the environment they will be entering in the fall
  • Take your buddy to the upcoming play at the high school

Spending time alone with a buddy assists in establishing a relationship, but creating social opportunities with all mentors and buddies adds a new dimension. Before spring break, the mentors and buddies  on Salt Spring Island will be having a brunch where they will tie dye t-shirts. For those buddies who have mentors who will be graduating and will not be in the high school next year, it is good to get to know all the mentors and buddies – to form a network of support.

The relationships forged in this project, will create links that last and will be “passed on” when the buddies become mentors themselves.

All mentors and buddies were invited to attend a hip-hop class put on by a young woman in the community who saw a niche and was inspired to create a class to meet a need. A great way to spend time together dancing and meet others who are ‘passing it on”.

Mentors and buddies creating inspired moments together….

Chris Gay (Pass It On Coordinator)

‘Pass It On helped me to grow stronger friendships’

‘Pass It On helped me to grow stronger friendships’

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